Bone Serpent

A Bone Serpent.

The Worms Family is group of Monsters that consists of the most common Burrowing Monsters.

Worms are usually heralded by a shuffling noise and visible shaking of blocks. They are all most vulnerable at their heads, so the most efficient weapon against them is precise timing.

Worms can freely move through any type of block, including lava (which they are immune to), water, and things such as Wood Platforms. When not moving through a block, they will be pulled down by gravity. The only exception is The Destroyer moving off-screen, as well as Milkyway Weaver/Crawltipede.

When fighting worms, it is best to stay in relatively open areas or on a platform, as these monsters may come through the ground and surprise you. Additionally, as worms will take damage when any of their sections are hit, weapons which hit multiple sections at once (such as Spears or Explosives) are a good choice for fighting them.

Monsters in this Family

Boss Monsters


  • All loot drops from worms appear at their heads with the exception of The Destroyer.
  • Prior to version 1.1, every individual segment of worms had its own individual health total, and the entire worm would die if any segment reached 0 HP. Items and money would be dropped where the destroyed section was, and drops would happen multiple times if multiple segments were destroyed at once.
    • This does not happen to EOW who will split if a non-head/tail segment is destroyed.
  • Worms can dig trough background items like crafting tables, bookcases, furnaces etc.


  • In multiplayer, worms would occasionally spawn with another mob attached in place of their head (eg. A Devourer attached to a Bunny or Slime). Each segment of a worm dies in one hit when attached to another monster or an NPC.Fixed as of v1.1

Glitch with worm head

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