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Yoraiz0r's Spell
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Tooltip'Great for impersonating devs!'
Allows flight and slow fall
Whatever this accessory does to you is not a bug!
RarityRarity level: 9
Research1 required

The rocket particle and eye glow/motion streak effect provided by Yoraiz0r's Spell equipped in the fifth (bottom) accessory slot.

Yoraiz0r's Spell is a developer wing type. Like other developer wings, Yoraiz0r's Spell is acquired along with Yoraiz0r's set when they drop from a Hardmode Treasure Bag in Expert Mode (1/20 (5%) chance of a random developer set dropping).

Yoraiz0r's Spell is unique in that it functions as wings but displays no wing or other item graphic. It instead displays a rocket effect similar to the Rocket Boots, while still offering controlled flight, as well as glide time after flight time has been exhausted. It also offers the ability to hover at a fixed height via the ▼ Down+ Jump keys.

Visual effects[]

Yoraiz0r's Spell grants unique visuals that can be altered in unusual ways: It causes the player's eyes to glow red, along with a motion streak. The intensity of the eye glow and streak are determined by which accessory or social slot the Spell is equipped in: No glow is present if placed in the top slot, while a pronounced glow and long streak appear if placed in the fifth slot (even more so when equipped in the sixth or seventh slots).

The color and effect of the eye glow can be altered by the pet dye slot in the equipment tab, while those of the Rocket Boots-style particles emitted when flying can be altered separately via the accessory dye slot. When dyed with the Twilight Dye, Phase Dye, Living Ocean Dye, or Living Flame Dye, the rocket effect disappears and the player flies with only the eye glow.

Yoraiz0r's Spell also causes the player to emit a faint amount of light, if placed in a main accessory slot rather than a social (vanity) slot, and if the slot is set to visible. The light level is similarly affected by which accessory slot the Spell is equipped in, with the most light emitted when equipped in the sixth / seventh slot (and with it, the least emitted light when in the first slot).


  • Desktop 1.4.1: Changed color from pure red to a yellow and red mix. glitch made it that it can be dropped by prehardmode treasure bags along with the rest of the set