Yoyos are melee weapons that are similar to Flails, being thrown and coming back. They receive bonuses from Melee-enhancing equipment, armors, and flasks.


  • There are various different Yoyos, most of which are themed to different biomes, such as the Amarok for the Snow Biome, the Hel-Fire for the Underworld, and the Amazon for the Jungle, to name a few.
  • Although being smaller with less knockback, yoyos are mainly faster than flails.
  • When thrown, a yoyo will follow the cursor and will stay thrown for a certain amount of time, depending on which yo-yo it is, and some yoyos have infinite time.
  • If a counterweight is equipped, it will be thrown after hitting an enemy with a yoyo.
  • It is possible to crash your game if you use a yoyo in a long hoik line.
  • Yoyos have the ability to bend around corners, making them a good choice when facing a really difficult enemy or boss. The player can hide in a safe spot and still attack from many angles, and take little to no damage.
  • There are only 20 yoyos in the game
Sprite Yoyo Damage Obtain Materials Time Debuff
Wooden yoyo Wooden Yoyo 9 Crafted 10 Wood, 20 Cobwebs 3s
Rally Rally 14 Dropped by Giant Shelly,Crawdad,and Salamander N/A 5s
Malaise Malaise 16 Crafted 12 Demonite Bars 6.5s
Artery Artery 17 Crafted 12 Crimtane Bars 6s
Amazon Amazon 20 Crafted 8 Rich Mahogany, 2 Stingers, 1 Vine, 3 Jungle Spores 7s
Code1 Code 1 21 Purchased from
Travelling Merchant
N/A 8s
Valor Valor 22 Gold Chests in the Dungeon N/A 10s
Cascade Cascade 28 Underworld N/A 13s On Fire!
Format C Format:C 29 Purchased from the Skeleton Merchant N/A 7.5s
Gradient Gradient 34 Purchased from
Skeleton Merchant
N/A 9s
Chik Chik 40 Crafted Wooden Yoyo, 15 Crystal Shards, 10 Souls of Light 15s
Hel-fire Hel-Fire 41 Hard Mode Underworld N/A 11s On Fire!
Amarok Amarok 43 Hard Mode Snow Biome N/A 14s Frostburn
Code2 Code 2 47 Purchased from
Travelling Merchant
N/A Infinite
Yelets Yelets 60 Jungle Biome,Underground Hallow/Crimson after defeating any Mechanical Boss N/A 13s
Reds throw Red's Throw 70 Obtained by opening Treasure Bags N/A Infinite
Valkyrie yoyo Valkyrie Yoyo 70 Obtained by opening Treasure Bags N/A Infinite
Kraken Kraken 90 Hardmode Dungeon after defeating Plantera N/A Infinite
The EoC The Eye of Cthulhu 115 Dropped by Mothron N/A Infinite
Item 3389(0) Terrarian 190 Dropped by Moon Lord N/A Infinite Projectile