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Zombies are common surface enemies that appear at night, and are a primary reason newer players will want to build a shelter before night arrives. Along with Demon Eyes, they are generally among the first night enemies a player will encounter, as they appear in areas a player first spawns. Multiple NPCs living in the area will reduce or prevent local enemy spawns, including Zombies.

Zombies follow the Fighter AI and walk towards the player, dealing damage on contact. They can jump and navigate platforms. Zombies will seem to hit closed doors in their path repeatedly, though most of them cannot open Doors unless it is a Blood Moon (during which Blood Zombies will spawn and be able to open doors); Spore Zombies can open doors at any time.

In Expert ModeDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions, some Zombies carry disembodied arms. These deal more damage on contact than other zombies and will stop to perform a "slashing" animation when near the player, extending the range at which they can damage the player. These arm-wielding zombies are unable to open or interact with doors at any time.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
2 values: Pre-Hardmode › Hardmode
3 values: Pre-Hardmode › Hardmode › Post-Plantera
NPC ID Type Health Damage Defense KB Resist Coins Extra Drops
3 Zombie.png Zombie 45/90198296/135297444 14/285074/4275111 6/61218 50%/55%/60% 60Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 360
    -26 Zombie.png Small Zombie 40/81178266/121267399 12/254566/376799 5/51016 45%/51%/56% 54Pre-Hardmode: 135Hardmode: 216Post-Plantera: 324
      -27 Zombie.png Big Zombie 49/99217325/148326488 15/305581/4682122 6/61319 55%/60%/64% 66Pre-Hardmode: 165Hardmode: 264Post-Plantera: 396
        430 Armed Zombie.png Armed ZombieDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 90198296/135297444 285074/4275111
        3562 (claw attack)
        61218 55%/60% Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 360
          132 Bald Zombie.png Bald Zombie 40/80176264/120264396 15/305480/4581120 5/51015 50%/55%/60% 65Pre-Hardmode: 162Hardmode: 260Post-Plantera: 390
            -28 Bald Zombie.png Small Bald Zombie 34/68149224/102224336 12/254568/3868102 4/4812 43%/48%/54% 55Pre-Hardmode: 137Hardmode: 221Post-Plantera: 331
              -29 Bald Zombie.png Big Bald Zombie 46/92202303/138303455 17/346292/5193138 5/51117 58%/62%/66% 74Pre-Hardmode: 186Hardmode: 299Post-Plantera: 448
                186 Pincushion Zombie.png Pincushion Zombie 50/100220/150330 16/3256/4884 8/816 55%/60%/64% 65Pre-Hardmode: 162Hardmode: 260
                -30 Pincushion Zombie.png Small Pincushion Zombie 46/93204/139306 14/2952/4478 7/714 52%/57%/61% 60Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 241
                -31 Pincushion Zombie.png Big Pincushion Zombie 56/112248/169372 18/3663/5494 9/918 61%/65%/69% 73Pre-Hardmode: 183Hardmode: 293
                432 Armed Pincushion Zombie.png Armed Pincushion ZombieDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 100220/150330 3256/4884
                4070 (claw attack)
                816 60%/64% Pre-Hardmode: 162Hardmode: 260
                187 Slimed Zombie.png Slimed Zombie 40/80176264/120264396 13/264670/3969105 6/61218 45%/51%/56% 55Pre-Hardmode: 137Hardmode: 220Post-Plantera: 330
                -32 Slimed Zombie.png Small Slimed Zombie 35/71156234/106234352 11/234062/346193 5/51016 39%/45%/51% 48Pre-Hardmode: 121Hardmode: 195Post-Plantera: 293
                -33 Slimed Zombie.png Big Slimed Zombie 44/88195293/133293439 14/285177/4376116 6/61319 51%/56%/61% 61Pre-Hardmode: 152Hardmode: 244Post-Plantera: 366
                433 Armed Slimed Zombie.png Armed Slimed ZombieDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 80176264/120264396 264670/3969105
                3257 (claw attack)
                61218 51%/56% Pre-Hardmode: 137Hardmode: 220Post-Plantera: 330
                188 Swamp Zombie.png Swamp Zombie 45/90198296/135297444 13/264670/3969105 8/81624 55%/60%/64% 80Pre-Hardmode: 2Hardmode: 320Post-Plantera: 480
                  -34 Swamp Zombie.png Small Swamp Zombie 39/78172257/117258386 11/224060/336091 6/61320 49%/54%/59% 69Pre-Hardmode: 174Hardmode: 278Post-Plantera: 417
                    -35 Swamp Zombie.png Big Swamp Zombie 50/101223334/152335501 14/295179/4477118 9/91827 61%/65%/69% 90Pre-Hardmode: 225Hardmode: 361Post-Plantera: 542
                      434 Armed Swamp Zombie.png Armed Swamp ZombieDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 90198296/135297444 264670/3969105
                      3257 (claw attack)
                      81624 60%/64% Pre-Hardmode: 2Hardmode: 320Post-Plantera: 480
                        189 Twiggy Zombie.png Twiggy Zombie 45/90198296/135297444 16/325686/4884129 4/4812 45%/51%/56% 70Pre-Hardmode: 175Hardmode: 280Post-Plantera: 420
                          -36 Twiggy Zombie.png Small Twiggy Zombie 41/82182272/124273408 14/295179/4477118 3/3711 41%/47%/52% 64Pre-Hardmode: 161Hardmode: 257Post-Plantera: 386
                            -37 Twiggy Zombie.png Big Twiggy Zombie 48/97213319/145320479 17/346092/5190139 4/4812 49%/54%/60% 75Pre-Hardmode: 189Hardmode: 32Post-Plantera: 453
                              435 Armed Twiggy Zombie.png Armed Twiggy ZombieDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 90198296/135297444 325686/4884129
                              4070 (claw attack)
                              4812 51%/56% Pre-Hardmode: 175Hardmode: 280Post-Plantera: 420
                                200 Female Zombie.png Female Zombie 38/76250334/114375501 12/246486/3696129 4/41216 40%/46%/52% 65Pre-Hardmode: 162Hardmode: 390Post-Plantera: 520
                                  -44 Female Zombie.png Small Female Zombie 33/66217290/99326435 10/205574/3183112 3/31013 32%/39%/46% 56Pre-Hardmode: 140Hardmode: 339Post-Plantera: 452
                                    -45 Female Zombie.png Big Female Zombie 39/79262350/119393526 12/256790/37100135 4/41216 43%/49%/54% 68Pre-Hardmode: 170Hardmode: 49Post-Plantera: 546
                                      436 Armed Female Zombie.png Armed Female ZombieDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 76250334/114375501 246486/3696129
                                      3080 (claw attack)
                                      41216 46%/52% Pre-Hardmode: 162Hardmode: 390Post-Plantera: 520
                                        590 Torch Zombie.png Torch ZombieDesktop and Mobile versions 45/90198296/135297444 14/285074/4275111 6/61218 50%/55%/60% 60Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 360
                                        591 Armed Torch Zombie.png Armed Torch ZombieDesktop and Mobile versions(Expert Mode exclusive) 90198296/135297444 285074/4275111
                                        8080 (claw attack)
                                        61218 55%/60% Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 360
                                        Halloween Exclusive Variants
                                        319 Zombie Halloween Variant 1.png Doctor Zombie(Halloween Variant 1) 40/80176/120264 20/4072/60108 6/612 40%/46%/52% 85Pre-Hardmode: 212Hardmode: 340
                                          320 Zombie Halloween Variant 2.png Superman Zombie(Halloween Variant 2) 60/120264/180396 15/3054/4581 8/816 50%/55%/60% 15Pre-Hardmode: 262Hardmode: 420
                                            321 Zombie Halloween Variant 3.png Pixie Zombie(Halloween Variant 3) 34/6874148/102111222 20/403672/6054108 14/141428 70%/73%/76% 120Pre-Hardmode: 3Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 480
                                              Christmas Exclusive Variants
                                              331 Zombie Christmas Variant 1.png Xmas Zombie(Christmas Variant 1) 45/90198296/135297444 14/285074/4275111 6/61218 50%/55%/60% 60Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 360
                                                332 Zombie Christmas Variant 2.png Sweater Zombie(Christmas Variant 2) 45/90198296/135297444 14/285074/4275111 6/61218 50%/55%/60% 60Pre-Hardmode: 150Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 360

                                                  Other Zombies[edit | edit source]

                                                  Notes[edit | edit source]

                                                  • Zombies sometimes spawn as either larger or smaller than normal; larger zombies have more health, damage, defense, and knockback resistance, while smaller zombies are faster and have smaller hitboxes, fitting in 1.5 vertical block gaps.
                                                  • Zombies attempt to leave the screen at dawn, but may still end up attacking the player, especially if their path off-screen is blocked. They will despawn immediately once off-screen.
                                                  • A Zombie will leave if it can't find a clear path to the player. They will not consider Doors to be blocking their path, even if it is not a Blood Moon.

                                                  Tips[edit | edit source]

                                                  • While they may move slowly, they are surprisingly good jumpers. They also have a fair amount of health and cause significant damage to newer players. It is advisable that new players remain indoors at night until they gain better Weapons and Defenses.
                                                  • Zombies can be safely fought at any point by building a wooden box around the player and opening up a small hole to hit enemies through with a Shortsword or Bow.
                                                  • The Swamp Zombie is the fastest zombie as well as having very high knockback resistance towards newer players.
                                                  • In Classic Mode, a simple Wooden Sword swung repeatedly is enough to keep one or two zombies at bay. Three or more Zombies will likely be able to get past the sword and cause damage. Weapons that can hit multiple enemies work best. To kill zombies easily, build Lava traps. The Spear or Vilethorn are ideal for this job. Ranged weapons also work well, like the Bow; Shuriken and Throwing Knives are ranged weapons that also pierce through multiple enemies, making them good candidates as well.

                                                  Blood Moon[edit | edit source]

                                                  • If one wishes to avoid Zombies entirely during a Blood Moon, blockading doorways with any Block type will stop Zombies from entering your home. Placing a Wood Platform, Wooden Beam, or a piece of Furniture next to the door on the inside will prevent doors from swinging inward, which is the only way Zombies can enter.
                                                  • Placing doors above ground level or digging a trench two blocks wide and deep forces Zombies to jump at the doors, during which they can't open these doors.
                                                  • Another strategy is to place two doors parallel to each other, allowing NPC movement to be uninhibited by blockades. Doors won't open for Zombies during a Blood Moon, any Skeletons underground, or Hardmode enemies that can open up single doors by bashing on them, as the other door will block them from opening them inward. If the outer door is already open, though, this will not work.

                                                  Trivia[edit | edit source]

                                                  • Occasionally, when a Pincushion Zombie takes damage, broken Wooden Arrow shafts will fall from their body which cannot be retrieved.
                                                  • The Bald Zombie is the only regular Zombie variant that cannot carry an arm in Expert mode.
                                                  • The internal name that corresponds to the Armed Female Zombie is ArmedZombieCenx, a reference to Cenx.
                                                  • The internal name of the Armed Pincushion Zombie is spelled ArmedZombiePincussion.

                                                  BestiaryBestiary entries

                                                  • Zombie: "Leaving doors open may be an invitation for shambling brain-eaters to enter the home, and nobody likes that."
                                                  • Slimed Zombie: "Sometimes, a slime's victim will turn into a zombie mid-digestion. Walking around like that is quite awkward for both parties."
                                                  • Torch Zombie: "In life, this torch-wielding zombie joined an angry mob to hunt the undead. In death, it joined an undead mob to hunt the living."
                                                  • Halloween Zombies: "Wearing costumes isn't fooling anyone; these zombies are clearly way too old to be trick or treating."
                                                  • Christmas Zombies: "Even zombies can celebrate the holidays. Their festive outfits are just right, but their holiday spirit could use some work."

                                                  See also[edit | edit source]

                                                  History[edit | edit source]

                                                  • Desktop
                                                    • Maggot Zombie and Torch Zombie variants added.
                                                    • Zombie Eskimo renamed to Frozen Zombie.
                                                  • Desktop 1.3.2: Regular, Slimed Zombie, Bald Zombie and Swamp Zombie sprites updated.
                                                  • Desktop 1.2.2: Added Santa and Sweater Zombie variants, which only spawn during the Christmas season.
                                                  • Desktop Costumed Zombies will not open doors when there is no Blood Moon.
                                                  • Desktop 1.2.1: Added Nurse, Superhero, and Pixie Zombie variants, which only spawn during the Halloween season.