The Zombie Elf is a monster that spawns during the Frost Moon event. It resembles a smaller Zombie that is wearing elf clothing. It spawns with varying size and stats, like the Angry BonesEater of Souls, and Hornets.

The Elf Zombie is included in most of the waves of the Frost Moon event (9 waves). Although topped by the Ice Queen, with 10 waves, it is still the most common monster during the event, as it spawns in groups.

They are also the easiest monsters in the Frost Moon along with the Gingerbread Man. When facing a group of them, piercing weapons are the best way to defeat many of them at once, such as the Rainbow Gun. Making a wall barrier in your house (With the door closed) in the first 3 waves also help defeat these monster unscathed, as the Zombie Elfs don't go through walls.


  • Occasionally, the gibs dropped by the elf upon death will be a Yeti head, even if the player has not encountered a Yeti.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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