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A Shrine (Gold Brick variant).


Jungle Shrines are structures generated at world creation in random areas of the Underground Jungle. A shrine contains a single Ivy Chest, which contains a single rare Underground Jungle item, as well as a variety of other usual Underground and Cavern items. All Jungle Shrines in a world are composed entirely of either Iridescent Bricks, Rich Mahogany, Tin Bricks, Gold Bricks, or Mudstone Bricks, and contain a single placed Green Torch.

Some of the Jungle Shrine's rare items can be acquired from Jungle and Bramble Crates, which can be fished in the Jungle Biome.




  • Ivy Chests can also be found at the base of Living Mahogany Trees.


  • Shrines may be used for housing if they are big enough and supplied with missing furniture requirements. This does not require the player to destroy existing walls or the Jungle Torch and then re-place them. Alternatively it is entirely possible to destroy the entire Shrine and then use the materials to build a house elsewhere.
  • Jungle Shrines can sometimes generate in a Bee Hive; sometimes even in the Jungle Temple, which might allow easy access to the Temple before obtaining a Temple Key.
  • Prior to 移动版 移动版, a larger exclusive version of the Jungle Shrine, called the Jungle Sanctum, could generate, but it has since been removed.