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天界手铐是一种困难模式之前配饰,可在穿戴者受到伤害时回复魔力,且可提升星星的拾取范围。中,它还可提升 20 最大魔力。

恢复的魔力量等同于计算防御的伤害量,但绝不会低于 10。来源于溺水减益的伤害无法触发此效果,但掉落伤害则可。此效果无法与魔法手铐带来的魔力回复效果叠加。

魔力星的拾取距离增加了 18.75 格,总共是 21.375 格。此效果无法与天界磁石磁花天界徽章的效果叠加。



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  • When taking damage from an attack which deals less than 10 damage, the Celestial Cuffs restore 10 mana. Taking damage from an attack which deals more than 10 damage restores this exact amount of mana. Note that this is often not reflected in the damage numbers in-game, as these display the amount of damage taken after taking defense into consideration.
  • The Celestial Cuffs can be obtained before defeating any boss, which might make it worth farming for. However, the Traveling Merchant only sells the Celestial Magnet rarely, and you would still need to defeat the Goblin Army to obtain the Tinkerer’s Workshop.
  • Crafting the Celestial Cuffs requires a Band of Starpower, which is only obtainable from the Corruption-exclusive Shadow Orbs. Therefore, it is not possible to craft them in a Crimson world.
    • On the 电脑版 电脑版, the Band of Starpower can be crafted from a Panic Necklace.
    • On the 3DS3DS版, the Band of Starpower can be found in Living Wood Chests, allowing players with Crimson worlds to craft the Celestial Cuffs.
    • In the case the player is still unable to obtain the item, fishing in a pond of a Corruption biome has a chance to yield a 腐化匣, which may drop the Band of Starpower.
      • The 墓地 allows the player to artificially create a Corruption biome while staying in the same world by buying Corrupt Seeds from the Dryad when speaking to her in a Hardmode Graveyard.


  • The Celestial Cuffs are a very valuable accessory when regularly using any kind of magic weapon. The mana restoration effect and the mana star pickup range increase are especially useful during event or boss fights, where there is a potential of a lot of damage being taken and a lot of mana stars being dropped. Furthermore, the mana restoration effect facilitates using weapons which consume a high amount of mana more often or for an extended period of time, e.g. the 终极棱镜.
  • Although the Celestial Cuffs are generally considered an upgrade to the Magic Cuffs, they lack the +20 maximum mana bonus.
  • When intending to equip the Celestial Emblem or Magnet Flower with the Celestial Cuffs, it may be preferable to equip the Magic Cuffs instead. The mana star pickup range increase, which the Magic Cuffs lack, is covered by the Celestial Emblem or Magnet Flower, while the Magic Cuffs grant the +20 maximum mana bonus, which the Celestial Cuffs lack.
  • Self-inducing damage proves to be a reliable source of mana restoration. With a reasonable amount of defense, the damage taken can be reduced to a negligible amount, while the mana restored equals the base damage. Damage can be self-induced by, for example, traps (including Spikes and Wooden Spikes), explosives, or Explosive Bullets.
  • In comparison to the Mana Flower or 磁花, the Celestial Cuffs may be preferred due to the Mana Sickness debuff which consuming Mana Potions causes.
  • The Celestial Cuffs combined with the Hood variant for the Spectre Armor set can be quite effective as it can let you heal with damage done, take damage resulting in more mana, then dealing more damage in an effective cycle.
  • Using a slime statue hooked up to a lever with high defense can be an efficient way of getting mana without taking too much damage.


  • 电脑版 1.4.1:Now has the +20 mana bonus that its component accessories granted.