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专家模式独有内容: 本信息适用于专家模式与专家模式世界。
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理由:"Current page is little more than a watered-down combination of each boss's respective guide page. There should be more content that isn't already covered on those pages."

总览[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


游戏初期[编辑 | 编辑源代码]



在游戏初期,获得金钱可能很困难,因为玩家此模式下将掉落75%的钱币大师模式 100%)。为了防止损失,尽量将钱币存放在箱子中,直到它们累计超过50以便产生商人

防御力在此模式下更有效;每点防御将降低75%(向上取整)伤害(大师模式 100%)。但是,敌怪伤害的增加会抵消此增益效果。带有修饰语配饰特别有价值;如有必要,玩家可以反复使用30蛛网制作直到获得带有"护佑"修饰语(+4防御力)的细绳



Preparing for the Bosses[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Bosses are harder in Expert Mode because they have 2x health and 2x damage, sometimes they even have a third stage when normally they only have one or two, so be prepared.

Note: If you play Expert Mode in 多人模式, boss health depends on the number of players.

At this point you would've had a few 水晶之心 and have 180 生命, if you find another Heart Crystal don't consume it because if you do, it will trigger the 1 in 3 chance of spawning the 克苏鲁之眼 while unprepared, so keep that one until you have gear like these:

Eater of Worlds[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

世界吞噬怪 is a much harder boss in Expert Mode than in Normal Mode, but he also drops a very useful accessory, the 蠕虫围巾. The segments shoot vile spits, he travels/digs at a much steeper rate so it'll be harder to dodge in the underground, and overall boosted damage and health. Here's a few tips:

Brain of Cthulhu[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

克苏鲁之脑 has a few differences, including chances for debuffs, so make sure you dodge as much as you can. In the first phase, the creepers are twice as aggressive. In the second/last phase, he spawns decoys to try and confuse the player, the lower the health, the more visible the decoys are. Here's a few tips:

  • Spiky Balls exploit the entire nature of this boss, the #1 weapon of choice

Skeletron[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

骷髅王 is one of the hardest bosses you'll ever fight in Expert Mode, the head's health is nearly doubled, the hands' health are nearly tripled, you have to defeat the hands before attacking the head, and once they're removed he shoots skulls that hurt half the damage from his head. That said, here's a few tips:

  • 克苏鲁护盾, obtained after defeating Eye of Cthulhu, is a very useful accessory for mobility.
  • Try building an Arena that is both good for vertical and horizontal movements. It's easy to make the mistake of making a straight row of platforms, so make sure you have a tall arena as well.
  • If you want to challenge yourself and fight Skeletron before the Eye of Cthulhu, use a 爪钩 with minecart tracks to hook to. With a nice hook, 蓝玉钩 or better, the boots aren't even mandatory. However, it is highly suggested that you at least use the accessories as said above for Eye of Cthulhu.
  • The head when spinning must be avoided, it can leave you trapped and it's game over. You can escape the trap by using a Slime Mount to jump out of it.
  • In the second phase, if you get used to the tempo of the skulls, you can cut through every few of them at the right time.
  • If fighting him for the first time, try moving around in a circle when he starts shooting the skulls.
  • If you fight the 蜂王 before and obtain the 蜂膝弓, it will make killing Skeletron nearly three times as fast. Drink an 箭术药水 and he will be a piece of cake.

Queen Bee[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

蜂王 only has differences when it comes to speed and buffed stats. Still however, it's important you exploit her nature, in different ways.

  • The stingers still can't pass through blocks.
  • She can still only shoot downwards.
  • The lower the health, the faster she shoots the stingers.
  • The lower the health, the faster she dashes.
  • The lower the health, the more bees she'll spawn at a faster rate.
  • Use spiky balls and travel in a circle, posing yourself on the opposite side of her. This will make her try to move above you, and as the bee is below you she'll get caught in the spiky balls.
  • The 牛黄 negates the poison damage of the stingers and makes the fight a little bit easier
  • If you don't like moving around in circles, you can build an arena where there's platforms in tall rows, with half the arena covered in solid blocks. Because the stingers can't pass through blocks, this is a probable choice to use.

Wall of Flesh[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The 血肉墙 is another boss that will shred you in Expert Mode if you don't run away soon enough. Not only does it have buffed stats, but 饿鬼 respawn, so a piercing weapon is essential. Also, the lower the health, the faster he gets, which is like normal mode, except he can get fast enough to outrun your 赫尔墨斯靴. Here's a few tips:

  • Keep him off-screen, this will make the lasers easier to dodge and stop you from getting hit by the wall.
  • Beenades with a 蜂巢背包 will cause defeat in a mere minute. No strategy needed, just roll them out.
  • 凤凰爆破枪 with 流星弹 is still a nice weapon of choice, due to the rapid damage+pierce.
  • Build a bridge covering at least half of your world for safety measures. It'll really pay off.
  • You can use 水上漂药水 against him and keep him way off screen, so you won't need a bridge.
  • You can also build a massive Rail Road System to make his speed not an issue.

The Twins[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

双子魔眼 aren't much of a difference in expert mode, they just move faster and have buffed stats as most bosses have. Still however, here's a few tips to help out dodging:

  • Spazmatism's cursed ball flames give some more damage so it's important to dodge these for a safety measure. Simply move up and down at the right tempo to cut through the flames, and once he starts charging move to the side and fly away. Repeat process until he hits second form.
  • Retinazer is a difficult component because the laser attack is unpredictable. When he starts dashing it's at longer strides at slower rates comparing to Spazmatism, so watch out for the dashes.
  • Spazmatism's second form is simply faster and deadlier than on normal mode, so make sure you don't move in a straight line, shift up and down at opposite sides, reflecting off of the x-axis. In other words, move up when he dashes down, and move down when he dashes up. It will exploit the nature and make the fight 10x easier.
  • Retinazer's second form tends to be the most difficult part for most people on average. But if you move in a circle, you'll most likely be fine.
  • In general, like normal mode, make sure you kill one before getting the other in second form. (Spazmatism and then Retinazer is suggested)

The Destroyer[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

120,000 Health on 毁灭者 sounds like a long road to drive on. But if you follow these tips, you'll pass the test with no problem:

  • 代达罗斯风暴弓 is a very popular bow for a particular reason: It's super cheap. Use it with 圣箭 and the boss will go down in seconds.
  • If you prefer Magic weapons, 蛇发女妖头 can damage each of The Destroyer's components, dealing 100-300 damage each hit. Using it can down The Destroyer in a few seconds
  • Avoid touching the head at all costs, as it does nearly 300 damage on contact. If a hit is unavoidable, try to hit a body segment, as they do considerably less damage.
  • Long Swords are preferable, as The Destroyer is a Worm-boss type.
  • If you're still having trouble, ride in a minecart!
    • (These two tips can also be used in normal mode)

Skeletron Prime[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

机械骷髅王 has the least difference out of the three mechanical bosses in expert mode, but here's a few tips anyways:

  • Destroy the Prime Laser first, then go for the head.
  • Make an Arena with platforms and not solid blocks, else the bombs will explode as you touch the solid ground on impact. The bombs are deadly so this is essential without tank gear.
  • A great weapon of choice is the 巨兽鲨 or even better, 暗影焰刀. Shadowflame Knife is the weapon of choice against only this boss, although you can still use it for the Twins. Because the Knives bounce around on impact, you can target the head and as they bounce off, they can still hit the arms. Also apply the 暗影焰 debuff, so with 寒霜盔甲 and a 烈火手套, the debuffs will make him melt to pieces.

Plantera[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

For most people, 世纪之花 is the hardest boss to surpass without any cheesing. Here's a few tips:

  • Make a very tall arena with the platforms near the top, this will help the Spiky Balls she shoots out to be easier to dodge as they'll fall towards the bottom.
  • Use 传送机, one in your arena, the other at the surface, once she reaches second form, teleport to the surface and head towards the ocean. (An arena is suggest for the ocean for safety measures)
  • 电脑版 An even cheaper trick than the one above is the 臭虎爪 trick. Enclose in a tight space, use 钛金盔甲, 十字项链, and a bunch of buffs as well as offensive accessories, and you can kill Plantera in a mere few seconds. You don't even have to move one bit.
  • Teleporters can also be useful to move from one end of your arena to the other, especially during Plantera's second form, so that you don't get cornered by the tentacles.

Golem[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

石巨人 barely has any difference in expert mode, just higher damage and health. Here's a few tips:

  • Destroy the hands first.
  • When the head starts shooting lasers, move back and forth above him in a "rainbow" formation.
  • Build a simple platform near the ground, around 15 blocks above. It'll make the fight just a bit easier.
  • Dart Pistol if you have a crimson world is superior to this boss, using Crystal Darts for the hands and head, then use Ichor Darts for the body.
  • Also, if you have a crimson world, use Vampire Knives if you wanna steamroll him
  • If you have corruption, Scourge of the Corrupter is an absolute choice as well.
  • Above all, Megashark is still considerable, with Chlorophyte Bullets.
  • Suggested armor: Turtle Armor or above.

Duke Fishron[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

猪龙鱼公爵 is a fun boss to fight, especially in expert mode, with a new third stage at the end that will make your adrenaline go nuts. Here's a few tips:

  • Possessed Hatchet is the #1 weapon of choice, especially for melee class characters.
  • For a ranger, use the Tactical Shotgun with Chlorophyte Bullets.
  • For a mage, use the Spectre Staff or the Leaf Blower.
  • Tips for Sharknados, make sure that they spawn on each edge of the ocean, switching left and right. This is very easy in the first stage, but in the second stage, be careful!
  • For Duke Fishron, you can exploit his third form by jumping at a steady tempo, it may take a few tries but if you have a bottle equipped and you just jump up and down, falling/jumping RIGHT as he teleports each time, you'll be off the hook.

Moon Lord[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

A surefire way to defeat 月亮领主 in Expert mode is via the 指南:月亮领主攻略, although it requires a bit of preparation.

General Tips[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Expert mode doesn't just make you prepare more, it makes you more cautious with getting hit. You can actually get so good at dodging that a 蠕虫围巾 or 再生手环 won't be needed at all. Here's a few tips:

  • 暴雪瓶 (or, even better, a 沙暴瓶) instead of 云朵瓶 make a tremendous difference in the long run.
  • 沙暴瓶 will give you the opportunity for the 气球束 without even traveling in another world, an extremely useful accessory. Just get the other two bottles, and then fish up in the sky for the 天空匣s and get two 闪亮红气球s, the third can be gotten from a floating island originally in your world.
  • The tips above include bottles because these accessories are essential for dodging, vertically. If you were fighting 猪龙鱼公爵, and he dashes towards you, if you were just wearing 翅膀, you'd most likely get hit. But if you had the Bundle of Balloons equipped, he would be a piece of cake.
  • If you don't know what accessories to replace with these bottles, replace the 钴护盾/黑曜石护盾 or any other type of accessory that neglects knockback. This is a possibility because dodging is much more important, and if you never get hit, you'd never need the shield. Besides, the shield makes getting hit less annoying, while the bottles and balloons help you get hit less often. Easy to say which method is more useful.
  • 悠悠球 are a great addition to the game, and the name is shouted in Expert Mode. 亚马逊球 and 叶列茨球 are some of the cheapest ones to get. Amazon can be crafted for little materials right in the beginning of the game in the Jungle. 冰雪悠悠球 can be gotten from any enemy by chance in the Ice biome in Hardmode. Yelets can be gotten from any enemy by chance in the Jungle biome after at least one 机械 Boss is defeated in 困难模式.