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    The Desert is one of the main biomes of a Terraria world. The Surface isn't much harder than the Forest, but the Underground Desert contains unique hazards that can make it very dangerous for a new character.

    It's optional to explore the Desert, but since it has more loot than regular Caverns, players prefer to explore it instead of regular biomes once they feel like their gear is good enough.

    In Hardmode, the Desert will provide the materials for very good weapons that can be obtained at the very beginning of it.


    The Underground Desert is extremely dangerous for a new character, since the enemies do much more damage and have higher defense than usual. Hence it is better to be very well prepared. It's recommended to explore it just before or after the Eye of Cthulhu is fought.

    Recommended Gear[]

    The Surface[]

    There isn't too much to do in the Surface Desert, but at the start of a playthrough, the 仙人掌头盔仙人掌盔甲 and 仙人掌剑仙人掌剑 are both very useful to begin with. However, if there is a Sandstorm the place should be left immediately, as the 愤怒翻滚怪愤怒翻滚怪 or other enemies can very easily kill a new character.

    A Pyramid can also be found. This place contains one unique item like the 沙暴瓶沙暴瓶 or the 飞毯飞毯, the vanity 法老面具法老套装, and many Gold Coins.

    On the side of the world that is opposite to the Snow and Jungle biomes, the entrance to the Underground Desert will be found.

    Underground Desert[]

    A world view of an underground desert with a Pyramid.

    Compared to the regular Caverns biome, the Underground Desert has more Underground Cabins, Ores, 生命水晶生命水晶 and 提炼机提炼机 than usual.

    However, the enemies found are very dangerous:

    • The most common enemy, the 蚁狮马蚁狮马, has massive defense, damage and knockback resistance and charges very fast at a player, so even with good weapons it is still better to avoid combat with them. 蚁狮蜂蚁狮蜂 are another enemy with lower stats but the ability to fly. Due to their big size, they can both be easily stopped by quickly covering their path with blocks.
    • The biggest threat are the 墓穴爬虫墓穴爬虫. They are fast, go through blocks and deal high damage on hit. They are also fairly common for a Worm enemy, so the player should always watch out for the sound of them digging. Due to their high stats they should be treated with caution even with weapons that can hit multiple segments.

    Once the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulhu have been defeated, the player can use the 梦魇镐Nightmare or 死亡使者镐死亡使者镐 to mine the 沙漠化石沙漠化石, which are the only source of 坚固化石坚固化石 when using the Extractinator. This new material is used for 化石头盔化石盔甲 and Bone Throwing Weapons, which are very helpful for the Thrower class.


    Like every other biome in Hardmode, the Desert becomes a lot more dangerous once it is activated. It is also one of the biomes that can be affected by the spread of the Corruption/Crimson and the Hallow, which give special properties and drops to some of the new enemies spawned.

    Recommended gear[]

    The Desert can be very tough when starting Hardmode, so it is recommended to be very well equipped before going in.


    For the three main classes, 钯金钯金钯金钯金, 山铜山铜山铜山铜, 精金精金精金精金 or 钛金盔甲钛金盔甲钛金盔甲钛金盔甲 are the best available.

    A Summoner should use the 蜘蛛面具蜘蛛盔甲 instead, as the ore armors don't give any improvements to minions.


    For Melee users
    For Ranger users
    For Mages
    • The 水晶蛇水晶蛇 and 流星法杖流星法杖 are very strong weapons that can be easily obtained as soon as Hardmode begins.
    • The 暗影焰妖娃暗影焰妖娃 is a very strong weapon as well, dropped by the Goblin Summoner.
    • The 雨云魔杖雨云魔杖 can kill enemies from a safe distance, as well as being a good secondary weapon.
    • 诅咒焰诅咒焰 or 黄金雨黄金雨 are decent for crowd control.
    For Summoners



    On the Surface, the only new enemy seen will be the 木乃伊木乃伊. They are slow and easy to avoid, however they get much faster at half health. If the surface Desert was infected by the Corruption/Crimson or Hallow biomes, 暗黑木乃伊暗黑木乃伊 or 光明木乃伊光明木乃伊 will spawn instead. These variants are stronger and drop Dark or Light Shards, which can be used to make very strong weapons.

    In the Underground Desert, many new enemies will be seen:

    • 拉弥亚拉弥亚 are grounded enemies, and they are much faster and stronger than Mummies. They rarely drop a piece of their Vanity set when killed.
    • 沙贼沙贼 have the ability to climb walls, making it much faster than usual. Given that the entirety of the Underground Desert is covered with walls, the player should always be cautious. They inflict the 毒液毒液 debuff on contact.
    • 蛇蜥怪蛇蜥怪 are essentially a Hardmode version of Antlion Chargers, as they behave identically and have very high knockback resistance. They have a chance to drop the 远古号角远古号角 when killed.
    • 沙虫沙虫 are the Hardmode version of Tomb Crawlers. They are significantly bigger than other worm enemies, and they are much more aggressive as well. Despite their high stats, they can easily be killed with piercing or exploding weapons.

    Additionally, during a Sandstorm, enemies from the underground and Sand Sharks will start spawning on the Surface, as well as a new miniboss: the Sand Elemental.

    • 沙鲨沙鲨 have the ability to "Swim" through sand blocks, and will quickly lunge at nearby players. They are very common, aggressive and have very high stats, so they can easily kill a player. However they cannot jump very high, so a platform above ground will make them much easier to deal with.
      • They have different variants for 水晶沙鲨神圣, 噬骨沙鲨腐化 or 戮血沙鲨猩红 Deserts. These have even higher stats and drop Light or Dark Shards as well.
    • The Sand Elemental is a miniboss enemy. It only attacks by summoning three Ancient Storms randomly around the general location of the player. When killed, it drops Forbidden Fragments used for 禁戒面具禁戒盔甲.

    While the Sand Elemental's attacks can be easily predicted and dodged, they will limit movement, making the common Sand Sharks and Dune Splicers much harder to avoid. It is recommended to make a platform above ground, as then the Dune Splicers and Sand Sharks won't be able to jump high enough as to reach the player, so the Sand Elemental can be killed much more easily.