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     • Throwing strategies.
  • 地牢守卫泰拉瑞亚 数据上最强的敌怪(无敌敌怪不计),且仅在你打败骷髅王前进入地牢且高度低于-3(地下)时才生成。一旦打败骷髅王,地牢守卫将不再生成。打它的唯一理由是它掉落骨头钥匙




    1. 直接利用整个地图,用重力药水来四处移动。这样你会跑得比它快,甚至可以通过斜着移动来做到更快。
    2. 使用一个很长的天桥。当你直线跑并不断用翅膀跳时你会跑得和地牢守卫一样快。要比它跑得快,你需要把天桥做成对角线形,或者用沥青块造天桥。
    3. 在开阔、净空的空域用一双好的翅膀或飞行坐骑,比如宇宙车钥匙虾松露女巫扫帚
    4. 此方法需要一个使用带快速的矿车机械矿车更佳)或增速轨道的环形铁路系统。这个策略可以与一些陷阱搭配, 比如尖刺球长矛机关放在你的铁路上,并同时使用仆从和狂星之怒.
    5. 建一圈环形Hoik。一把地牢守卫召唤出来就喝回忆药水回到Hoik旁的出生点并坐上Hoik。如果时机把握准确,你就会绕得足够快,快到让地牢守卫不断改变方向,并且最终让它只在Hoik中间转。











    • 不建议使用此职业打地牢守卫,因为它生命值太高,且不管你用什么武器都会用很多组。因此,建议转职,比如射手。
    • 最好的选择是蜜蜂手榴弹,因为它产生的蜜蜂可以重复打击地牢守卫很多次。
    • 尖球骨头(即使没有骨头手套)也是好选择。


    As the Dungeon Guardian will instantly kill you, your defense is entirely irrelevant. For this reason, it is recommended that you use mobility accessories rather than defensive ones (it's possible to survive up to 3 hits with enough defense, damage reduction and a lifeforce potion, this however comes at the cost of damage output and mobility, making it unlikely to succeed without the use of teleporters, minecarts or some other mobility method). As with weapons, prefixes that boost your critical strike chance or movement speed will be much more valuable than damage or defense.



    • The Rod of Discord allows you to teleport away from the Guardian. In combination with a sufficiently fast mount, such as the Blessed Apple or Ancient Horn, the Rod of Discord has the ability to render the fight extremely simple, so long as the player does not accidentally teleport into the Dungeon Guardian or wait too long to teleport away from it.


    • Gravitation Potions, in case you use that method.
    • Swiftness Potions and something to give you the Well Fed buff to increase your movement speed.
    • Any Mana Potions if you use magic weapons.
    • Rage Potions increase critical strike chance for all classes. An Ale or Crystal Ball will increase it further for Melee and Magic weapons respectively.
    • Potions that provide light, such as Hunter Potion, Night Owl Potion and Shine Potion allow you to see better at night.
    • A Summoning Potion can be used for an extra minion.
    • An Ammo Reservation Potion is great for saving bullets.




    If you have killed the three Mechanical Bosses in Expert Mode, you will have access to the Mechanical Cart. It is faster than the Dungeon Guardian, but this means that you may end up despawning it. You should control your speed to allow it to keep up.

    Therefore, you can make a long, flat minecart track to traverse across with a Mechanical Cart to combat the Dungeon Guardian at a distance.

    unframed When you are riding a Minecart on a track that's directly over a Teleporter and it is activated at that moment, it can teleport you and the Minecart you're riding to another rail that's on top of another Teleporter, keeping your momentum in the process. The branching rail on top is set to a passive state (you pass through it on the bottom line without switching on to it). The bottom Teleporter has a Pressure Plate Track over the Teleporter to trigger it, but the top one does not. The top rail has a bumper at the end of the line to make you turn around to the other direction without losing speed.

    Lastly, this only works if you are moving slowly enough such that the Dungeon Guardian is lured in between the two Teleporters upon teleporting. Otherwise, you'll simply run straight into him in the same manner of if you just had a bumper at the end of the rail.


    With the use of Hoiks, the Dungeon Guardians won't be able to reach you, so the fight will be a lot safer. The Hoik should be the size of the first room in the Dungeon, anything bigger is unnecessary. After that, all you need to do is shoot at it or kill it with Minions such as the Stardust Dragon.


    [Patched out in 1.4] This method may be the easiest way to kill the Dungeon Guardian. To set up the invincibility station, you will need two 训练假人训练假人, and a 粘鞍粘鞍. Place the Dummies facing in any direction right next to each other. The machine must be 8 (or 7, which is optional) blocks tall, with 5 (or 4) blocks of free space between the ceiling and the Dummies. The Slimy Saddle gives temporary invincibility frames when bouncing on an entity, and since you will constantly be bouncing on the Dummies, you will get permanent invincibility. As the Slimy Saddle also deals damage for every bounce, you can kill the Dungeon Guardian while being AFK without having to use a weapon. To speed up killing the Guardian you can use weapons with high fire rate, however make sure you don't use any piercing weapons or minions and accidentally hit the Dummies, otherwise the invincibility will probably break, letting the Dungeon Guardian instantly kill you.


    如果你有宇宙车钥匙, you can take advantage of the fact that the UFO mount's horizontal speed is the same as the Dungeon Guardian's at 41 mph. This means, that if you travel in a horizontal direction, the Dungeon Guardian is unable to catch you and will maintain a constant distance, allowing you to attack freely until it dies. However, the vertical speed of the Cosmic Car Key is less than 41 mph, if you travel upwards, the Dungeon Guardian can catch and kill you, so caution is required when changing direction. Because the Cosmic Car Key travels at 58 mph diagonally, you can increase the distance by travelling diagonally for a while. Reducing the distance can be done by releasing the left/right keys for a short time. It is also recommended that you use a high rate of fire gun or projectile shooting sword, like the Terra Blade or the Vortex Beater.