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  • The Event[]

    The Pirate Invasion is an event where numerous pirates invade the spawn point. It can occur in Hardmode randomly or by using a 海盗地图海盗地图 after an altar has been destroyed and the player has 200 or more max health. If those requirements have been fulfilled, there is a 3.27% chance if one has yet to be defeated, and a 1.96% chance if one has been defeated.


    • The 鹦鹉鹦鹉 will fly about, trying to deal contact damage. It does not drop much and killing one will not help complete the event.
    • The 海盗船长海盗船长 uses a gun and a cannon. The gun rapid-fires bullets, and the cannon will fire projectiles that explode on contact with a solid object, dealing very high damage. The captain drops a vast amount of loot. Only one can exist at a time.
    • 私船海盗私船海盗 are the sword-wielding scalawags. They deal melee damage and move fairly rapidly. They drop even more loot than the Captain.
    • 海盗弩手海盗弩手 are one of the ranged pillagers of the event. They use their crossbows to fire flaming arrows from a distance. They drop the same amount of loot as their low-class cousins (all but the captain, his parrots, his ghost, and his ship). With their debuff and considerable damage, they are one of the larger threats if in the open.
    • 海盗神射手海盗神射手 carry bullet-firing guns. They are very inaccurate and are likely to miss. Nevertheless, one should take care to avoid their bullets if in the open.
    • Unarmed 海盗水手海盗水手 can only attack via contact damage.
    • 海盗诅咒海盗诅咒 are the skeletal remains of the captain. They appear after the captain dies. They act like wraiths, flying through blocks, and are immune to traps. Specifically designed to thwart exploitation of the grounded enemies, these are a large threat to those in enclosed shelters.
    • The mini-boss of the event, the 荷兰飞盗船荷兰飞盗船 has four cannons that fire towards the player, and goes down once all four are destroyed. The Dutchman has the highest chance of loot drops.


    General Strategies[]

    General Tips[]

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    Terrain Preparation[]

    Do not attempt to fight the Pirate Invasion in an open space during early Hardmode. The amount of enemies coupled with their abundant projectiles will quickly overwhelm an inexperienced or underequipped player. Instead, consider some simple preparation. With a secure, enclosed space, the event can be made easy. Simply construct a box-shaped building on or off the ground. When inside the box, no enemies will be able to reach the player. Attacking enemies will require weapons that can attack around or through blocks. If the player does not possess such weapons, their only option will be to place holes in the walls and fire projectiles through them, taking care not to be hit by enemy projectiles. It is best to place these holes in ceilings or floors to make it harder for ground enemies to fire into them. The Flying Dutchman cannot pass through blocks, so it will remain stuck against the walls of the box where the player can easily destroy its cannons. Do note that the Pirate's Curses, with trap immunity and the ability to fly through blocks, will be a large threat to those in shelter. It can help to make the shelter larger for space to dodge and fight the Curse.

    Gearing Up[]


    • 钯金胸甲钯金盔甲 can be used with the corresponding head piece for regeneration.
    • 山铜胸甲山铜盔甲 can be used with the corresponding head piece for crowd control.
    • 钛金胸甲钛金盔甲 gives the most defense and should be used with the corresponding head piece.
    • If one does not mind hybrid sets, warriors and rangers should use the寒霜胸甲寒霜胸甲, 禁戒裤禁戒裤, and their corresponding 精金头盔Adamantite Head piece.
    • A mage can use the 巫师帽巫师套装 with the 禁戒裤禁戒裤, however, this is very frail. Otherwise, a wizard should use 精金头饰精金盔甲 if the other sets are unavailable.
    • A summoner should use 蜘蛛面具蜘蛛盔甲 with the 禁戒裤禁戒裤. Summon all minions with Spider armor, then switch to the Treads for one more.


    For Melee Users[]
    For Ranged Users[]
    For Magic Users[]
    For Summoners[]
    • The 蜘蛛法杖蜘蛛法杖 is available early, and a solid improvement over the Pre-Hardmode options, especially with the spiders' ability to latch onto enemies (putting walls behind the arena can make the spiders more mobile). If the Dreadnautilus has been defeated, the Sanguine Staff is a very powerful option.
    • For sentries, one should use the 蜘蛛女王法杖蜘蛛女王法杖 as it is the best one available.