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The Event[]

The Pirate Invasion is an event where numerous pirates invade the spawnpoint. It can occur in Hardmode randomly or by using a 海盗地图海盗地图 after an altar has been destroyed and the player has 200 or more max health. If those requirements have been fulfilled, there is a 3.27% chance if one has yet to be defeated, and a 1.96% chance if one has been defeated.


  • The 鹦鹉鹦鹉 will fly about, trying to deal contact damage. It does not drop much and killing one will not help complete the event.
  • The 海盗船长海盗船长 uses a gun and a cannon. The gun acts like a 迷你鲨迷你鲨, and the cannon will fire projectiles that explode on contact with a solid object. The captain drops a vast amount of loot. Only one can exist at a time.
  • 私船海盗私船海盗 are the sword-wielding scalawags. They deal melee damage. They drop even more loot than the Captain.
  • 海盗弩手海盗弩手 are one of the ranged pillagers of the event. They use their crossbows to fire from a distance. They drop the same amount of loot as their low-class cousins (all but the captain, his parrots, his ghost, and his ship).
  • 海盗神射手海盗神射手 are the cannoneers. They are very inaccurate and are likely to miss. Nevertheless, defeating them will help complete the event, as with all the others except the parrot.
  • Unarmed 海盗水手海盗水手 have little means to attack, except to slam into you.
  • 海盗诅咒海盗诅咒电脑版和移动版 are the skeletal remains of the captain. They appear after the captain dies. They act like wraiths and can be a hazard.
  • The mini-boss of the event, the 荷兰飞盗船荷兰飞盗船电脑版、主机版、和移动版 has four cannons that fire towards the player. The Dutchman has the highest chance of loot drops.


General Startegies[]

General Tips[]

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