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  • The Event[]

    Blood Moon是一个游戏早期事件。它将可能发生在角色拥有超过120 health, 并且月亮出来时 (非新月)。 如果这些条件满足,血月将有1/9的几率发生。 其也可以通过使用一个 血泪血泪召唤. 这一事件由许多血淋淋的恐怖敌人组成。血月发生将造成许多的影响。


    • 敌人生成更频繁,即便是在家附近并且有许多NPCs.
    • 僵尸僵尸 可以开门,这意味着场地上的NPC们更容易死亡.
    • 兔子、金鱼和企鹅通常会变得腐败化(在一个对应腐化之地的世界)或血腥化(在一个猩红之地的世界),即这些温顺生物的敌意变种。
    • NPC们将售卖特有的物品, and have unique quotes. 动物学家动物学家会变成赤狐兽人.
    • 死亡草死亡草 将会绽放,不论在任何生物群落, 诅咒活火块诅咒活火块将会变为黄色,水将会变为红色,屏幕上将出现一层红色的滤镜.
    • Fishing Power will be 1.1 times stronger, but fishing during a Blood Moon can result in reeling up dangerous enemies.
    • Blood Moon-exclusive enemies can spawn, such as 僵尸新郎僵尸新郎, 血腥僵尸血腥僵尸, and 滴滴怪滴滴怪.


    While a Blood Moon can be dangerous to new players, it can also wield great rewards.



    此内容转载自Guide:Practical Tips#Combat


    由于NPC在改时间内容易受到伤害, 在此推荐将你的初始基地建在空中. 若你已经建立了一个基地, 一个在门后简单的栅栏块将阻止怪物入侵。 在困难模式之前你会想要把基地移至地表以上 Hardmode, 因为敌人刷新率的提高将会促成 幻灵幻灵的产生 ,它是一种极麻烦的怪物; 然而他们在方块中时只能向前移动。 A simple ditch can take care of most ground level mobs, even 小丑小丑 in hardmode. Even better, line the bottom of the ditch with lava and it will kill them for you. You will want to place a thin layer of lava in the ditch, enough to burn 铜币铜币, but not 银币silver ones. To make sure that the amount of lava is correct, throw a copper coin in. If it burns, you have met the minimum requirement. If not, add more until it does, but slowly until the coin disappears. Next, throw a silver coin in. It shouldn't burn. If it does, remove some and try again. Repeat until the copper coin burns, but not the silver. As said above, traps can make the arena even deadlier when used correctly. Keep in mind that Drippers can hover and fly above your defenses.