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  • 毁灭刃的物品外观旧的毁灭刃的物品外观
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伤害43 / 39 (近战)
使用时间29(普通速度) /
研究需要 1 份
Not to be confused with The Breaker, the Demonite hammer.

Animation of the Breaker Blade. Note the large reach.

The 毁灭刃 is a 困难模式 阔剑. It is currently the largest sword in the game, giving it the greatest melee reach of all swords. It has a 12.5*1/8 (12.5%) / 25*1/4 (25%) chance to be dropped by the 血肉墙. On 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版, it will also deal double damage to enemies with over 90% health.



  • Even though this weapon is acquired at the beginning of Hardmode, it is outperformed in damage by the 永夜刃, as well as being considerably slower. As it has no other special traits, inflicts no 减益, fires no projectiles and even emits no light when swung, the Breaker Blade sees limited use.
  • The Breaker Blade fares well as a "first hit" weapon for entering combat, as enemies above 90% health will take double damage.
  • In tandem with the 泰坦手套 or an upgrade of it, the Breaker Blade becomes an effective weapon due to it gaining 自动挥舞 and even higher knockback. Its knockback will be boosted to the point where enemies can be juggled in midair; on the other hand, this makes it very difficult to hit a target multiple times without chasing them down.
  • Due to the Breaker Blade's massive range and relatively high 击退, it is a good choice for use if the player is being swarmed. This can be relatively common during early Hardmode, and gives the player enough time to properly prepare or run away.
  • As knockback is multiplied by 1.4 on a 暴击, having modifiers that increase the player's crit chance makes the weapon extremely capable of knocking back enemies.
  • Because of its slow swing, the Breaker Blade can hit the same enemy multiple times in a single swing, somewhat compensating for its slow use time. However, its aforementioned knockback makes it unlikely for this to occur unless the enemy is cornered.
  • The Breaker Blade's reach is especially useful for gathering 发光蘑菇s in compact farms.


  • The Breaker Blade is a reference to the Buster Sword from the game Final Fantasy VII, wielded by the protagonist Cloud Strife. The resemblance can be seen in the synonymous naming, the weapon's very large size and wedge shape, and the two red and green spots near the base of the blade which reference Final Fantasy VII's "Materia" orbs that can be inserted into weapons.
  • The 飞龙 sword is also very large, actually surpassing the Breaker Blade in terms of image area, although not surpassing it in swing distance.


  • 电脑版
    • Now deals double damage to healthy (above 90% HP) enemies.
    • Damage increased from 39 to 43.
    • Use time decreased from 30 to 29.