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参数 描述
1 Name of the weapon.
2 Source of the weapon. If not passed or left empty, the weapon's crafting recipe will be printed. Any instance of the string @@@@ will also be replaced by the crafting recipe. This data will also be stored to a cargo table for display on weapon subtype pages, like Boomerangs or Spears.
3 Additional notes.
ref Name of a <ref> tag that will be appended to the weapon's name. Define the content of the tag in a <ref name="<name>"> <ref text> </ref> in the refs parameter of {{reflist}}.
craftinglb Set it to y to print a linebreak after "Crafting: " in the "Source" column. This will be done automatically if the recipe contains multiple variants.
craftingwr Set it to y to display the crafting result for recipes in the "Source" column. This is intended for the consumable ranged weapons, which are usually crafted in stacks of multiple items.
statweapon Use this parameter to define a base weapon for weapon groups like Phaseblades. That weapon will be used as the base for the damage and crafting columns.