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An Evil Biome is a naturally spreading, hazardous biome that has generally negative effects on entities inside or around it. The Corruption or The Crimson will always spawn in a world. A generated world will only contain one of the two biomes, each with a 50/50 chance. 电脑版和移动版 A player can choose whether they want Corruption or Crimson to generate in their world or they can leave it up to the 50/50 setting. However, on the 主机版 主机版 a player has a choice only if Hardmode has been entered in at least one world.


It is possible to create an artificial Corruption/Crimson, seeding an area with the "wrong" evil. This is traditionally done with materials brought over from another world, but 1.4 provides a new option: If the Dryad is housed in a Graveyard during Hardmode, she will sell the other evil's Seeds during a Blood Moon.
Note: The type of Biome Key 电脑版、主机版、和移动版 / 生物群落钥匙模具前代主机版3DS版 dropped by enemies is dependent on the biome the enemy is killed in, regardless of whether it is a "natural" biome or "artificial" biome. This will not however provide a Dungeon chest to go with the key.



腐化和猩红对应物[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


The following items are considered counterparts to each other. It should be noted that counterparts do not necessarily share the same stats or behaviors.

腐化之地 猩红之地 来源
火枪火枪 夺命枪夺命枪 暗影珠 /


魔刺魔刺 猩红魔杖猩红魔杖
链球链球 腐叉腐叉
星力手环星力手环 恐慌项链恐慌项链
暗影珠(物品)暗影珠(物品) 猩红之心(物品)猩红之心(物品)电脑版、主机版、和移动版
腐肉腐肉 椎骨椎骨 Corruption /
Crimson enemies
诅咒焰诅咒焰 灵液灵液
魔菇魔菇 毒蘑菇毒蘑菇电脑版、主机版、和移动版 腐化草 /
魔矿魔矿 猩红矿猩红矿 环境中也有,
暗影鳞片暗影鳞片 组织样本组织样本 世界吞噬怪 /


世界吞噬怪面具世界吞噬怪面具 克苏鲁之脑面具克苏鲁之脑面具
世界吞噬怪纪念章世界吞噬怪纪念章 克苏鲁之脑纪念章克苏鲁之脑纪念章
吞噬怪骨头吞噬怪骨头 骨头拨浪鼓骨头拨浪鼓电脑版、主机版、和移动版
蠕虫围巾蠕虫围巾电脑版、主机版、和移动版 混乱之脑混乱之脑电脑版、主机版、和移动版 (Treasure Bag)
世界吞噬怪圣物世界吞噬怪圣物电脑版和移动版 克苏鲁之脑圣物克苏鲁之脑圣物电脑版和移动版 Eater of Worlds /

Brain of Cthulhu
in Master Mode

蠕动残骸蠕动残骸电脑版和移动版 罐中脑罐中脑电脑版和移动版
飞镖步枪飞镖步枪电脑版、主机版、和移动版 飞镖手枪飞镖手枪电脑版、主机版、和移动版 Corrupt Mimic /


铁链血滴子铁链血滴子电脑版、主机版、和移动版 臭虎爪臭虎爪电脑版、主机版、和移动版
爬藤怪法杖爬藤怪法杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版 夺命杖夺命杖电脑版、主机版、和移动版
腐香囊腐香囊电脑版、主机版、和移动版 血肉指虎血肉指虎电脑版、主机版、和移动版
蠕虫钩蠕虫钩电脑版、主机版、和移动版 肌腱钩肌腱钩电脑版、主机版、和移动版
腐化种子腐化种子 猩红种子猩红种子电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版 Eye of Cthulhu /


魔粉魔粉 毒粉毒粉电脑版、主机版、和移动版 Dryad,

can be crafted

紫溶液紫溶液 红溶液红溶液 Steampunker
衰变室衰变室电脑版和移动版 血肉克隆台血肉克隆台电脑版、主机版、前代主机版、和移动版
病变块病变块电脑版和移动版 血肉块血肉块 Crafted
腐化者之戟腐化者之戟 吸血鬼刀吸血鬼刀 Corruption Chest /

Crimson Chest

腐化之地[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Corruption presents a purple "corrupted" theme, with purple grass, trees and stone. Thorny Bushes and unique enemies (beginning with Eaters of Souls and Devourers) make the area dangerous and potentially deadly for newer players. The Eater of Worlds can only be summoned in the corruption. The Corruption contains deep vertical chasms (which can easily result in death from fall damage), with cross tunnels well below ground. Shadow Orbs appear deep underground, usually at or near the bottom of chasms. Destroying a world's first shadow orb will always drop a Musket and some Musket Balls, which automatically fulfills the criteria for the Arms Dealer to arrive. Destroying 3 shadow orbs will result in the spawning of the Eater of Worlds.

腐化之地内容[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

From Corruptors:
From terrain in overlapping Ice biome:

Music[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

These music tracks play while the player is in the Corruption or Underground Corruption. Like most other tracks, they can be recorded with Music Boxes. On the 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版, when Otherworldly music is enabled, tracks from Terraria: Otherworld will play instead.

Title Music Box Listen Description
Corruption 八音盒(腐化之地)Music Box
Its melody somewhat resembles the Overworld Day track but altered and slowed to sound much darker and more menacing.
Underground Corruption 八音盒(地下腐化之地)Music Box
(Underground Corruption)
This track is a combination of Corruption and Underground tracks, with a depressing and dark tone.
Corruption (Otherworldly) 异界八音盒(腐化之地)Otherworldly Music Box
It's a dark, undulating track which features downtempo rock music.
Underground Corruption (Otherworldly) 异界八音盒(地下腐化之地)Otherworldly Music Box
(Underground Corruption)
Resembles its Otherworld surface counterpart, but is somewhat more aggressive.

猩红之地[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


In contrast to the Corruption, the Crimson presents more of a red, gory theme, with red grass, stone, and foliage. Unique enemies that only appear on a crimson world include Blood Crawlers, Face Monsters and Crimeras. The Brain of Cthulhu, the alternative to the Eater of Worlds, can only be summoned in the crimson. Crimson-infected stone is called crimstone, and like its corruption counterpart, can only be mined with a Nightmare Pickaxe/Deathbringer Pickaxe or better. Like the corruption, the crimson contains deep chasms, but these are differently shaped: A winding tunnel from the surface leads to a large cavern, with secondary tunnels spreading downward from the cavern.These tunnels look quite like hands. While long falls are less of a hazard here, the area is still quite dangerous. Instead of Shadow Orbs, the Crimson contains Crimson Hearts, placed at or beyond the end of the secondary tunnels. Destroying a world's first crimson heart will drop The Undertaker with some Musket Balls, which, like their Corruption counterparts will fulfill the criteria for the Arms Dealer to arrive. Destroying 3 Crimson Hearts will result in the spawning of the Brain of Cthulhu.

Contents[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

From Crimera:
From Crimslimes 电脑版和移动版:
From terrain in overlapping Ice biome:

Music[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

These music tracks play while the player is in the Crimson or Underground Crimson. Like most other tracks, they can be recorded with Music Boxes. On the 电脑版 电脑版移动版 移动版, when Otherworldly music is enabled, tracks from Terraria: Otherworld will play instead.

Title Music Box Listen Description
Crimson 八音盒(猩红之地)Music Box
An unnerving, dark, and unsettling theme with a faster pace than that of the Corruption. Its main melody comes near the end of the track.
Underground Crimson 八音盒(地下猩红之地)Music Box
(Underground Crimson)
电脑版主机版前代主机版移动版3DS版 A grim mix of the Underground and Crimson tracks.
Crimson (Otherworldly) 异界八音盒(猩红之地)Otherworldly Music Box
A dark, ambient track which seems to feature some type of contrabass brass instrument for a 'gloomy' feeling and eventually becomes almost psychedelic-sounding.
Underground Crimson (Otherworldly) 异界八音盒(地下猩红之地)Music Box
(Otherworldly Underground Crimson)
A brooding and increasingly frantic track.

蔓延[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


Both the Corruption and the Crimson will spread themselves, similar to the Hallow. This means that they slowly convert certain susceptible tiles that are in the vicinity of existing Corrupt/Crimson blocks. While their spreading capabilities are very limited during pre-Hardmode, they spread much faster and more aggressively after defeating the Wall of Flesh. Defeating Plantera for the first time reduces the overall spread speed of all three biomes by 1/2 (50%).

腐化沙漠和猩红沙漠[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


The evil biomes can overlap deserts, and in Hardmode, can spread through them, creating Corrupted and Crimson deserts. In the Corruption, sand is replaced with Ebonsand, and in the Crimson, sand is replaced with Crimsand. Unique enemies not found in the normal Corruption and Crimson can be found in the biome's desert variant.

净化[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


In Hardmode, the Corruption or Crimson (like the Hallow) can spread out of control; without player efforts, the evil biome and Hallow will together take over the entire world.

In Pre-Hardmode, players can use Purification Powder to purify small portions of the corruption/crimson, and Sunflowers to block spread of infected grass. However, it is not until Hardmode that the spreading biomes become a major issue.

In Hardmode, a good strategy is to dig 3 tile wide tunnels around the corruption/crimson, containing it. However, near the surface Thorny Bushes can spread the corruption up to 6 blocks, so the tunnels there need to be 6 tiles wide or lined with non-corruptible blocks.

Removing the Corruption or Crimson wholesale, or reversing its spread in Hardmode, effectively requires the Clentaminator. This can be purchased for 2 (one of the most expensive items in the game) from the Steampunker, who arrives after at least one mechanical boss has been defeated. Using the Clentaminator with Green Solution (also purchased from the Steampunker) can purify large sections of the evil biomes. However, most players will want to keep some well-contained pockets of the biome, as the enemies there have unique drops (some of which are recommended to advance in the game).

The evil biomes are also blocked by the presence of the Hallow, and vice versa; even before obtaining the Clentaminator, seeding the Hallow is an alternate strategy to limit the spread of Corruption or Crimson. However, this may mean eventually having to deal with an out of control Hallow in the future.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 电脑版、主机版、和移动版 在 1.3中,世界生成的进度条有一半是绿的,另一半则是紫色或红色,取决于世界拥有的是腐化还是猩红。在世界生成过程中,生成猩红之地那一步会显示“正在使世界变得血腥”,而生成腐化之地时这一步显示的是“正在使世界变得邪恶”。另外,在世界选择界面上,世界名称旁边的树也有一面是绿色/正常的,而另一面是紫色/红色(分别代表腐化/猩红)。在困难模式中,树会有一部分是黄色,代表神圣

花絮[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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