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This templates is used to display representations of keystrokes.


{{key | <key to display> }}

The passed first unnamed parameter can be any text. Entering the numbers 1 or 2 will cause problems due to the localization system. Use the corresponding HTML entities 1 and 2, respectively, instead.

There is also a number of parameter values which will cause a special, predefined display, listed below. These outputs are localized (Template:Key/l10n).

Code Result
Common game controls
{{key|use}} 使用/攻击
{{key|open}} 打开/激活
{{key|throw}} 丢下
{{key|inventory}} 物品栏
{{key|up}} ▲ 上
{{key|down}} ▼ 下
{{key|left}} ◀ 左
{{key|right}} ▶ 右
{{key|hotbar}} 0–9
{{key|grapple}} 抓钩
{{key|debug}} F7
{{key|txrx}} F8
{{key|lighting}} F9
{{key|fps}} F10
{{key|hud}} F11
{{key|chat}} Enter
{{key|heal}} 快速治疗
{{key|mheal}} 快速魔力
{{key|map}} 切换完整地图
{{key|buff}} 快速增益
{{key|as}} 自动选择
{{key|minimap}} 切换地图类型
{{key|sc}} 智能光标
{{key|mount}} 快速坐骑
Other common keys
{{key|shift}} ⇧ Shift
{{key|lshift}} ⇧ 左 Shift
{{key|rshift}} ⇧ 右 Shift
{{key|enter}} ↵ Enter
{{key|tab}} ↹ Tab
{{key|backspace}} ← Backspace
Mac-only keys
{{key|cmd}} Cmd
{{key|command}} Command
{{key|opt}} ⌥ Option
Non-Mac keys
{{key|super}} Super (also called "Windows" key)
{{key|menu}} ≣ Menu
Xbox Controller buttons
{{key|xb-lb}} LB (Left Bumper)
{{key|xb-rb}} RB (Right Bumper)
{{key|xb-lt}} LT
{{key|xb-rt}} RT
{{key|xb-back}} ◀ Back
{{key|xb-start}} ▶ Start
Examples for other undefined keys
{{key|B}} B
{{key|z}} z


The symbol list used by this template was derived from this list uploaded by Minecraft Wiki user Majr.