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此模板使用了 Lua。
此模板使用了用 Lua 编程语言编写的 模块:Language info。要了解 Lua 的更多信息,参见 en:Terraria Wiki:Lua
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Used to handle interwiki links, and delegate {{translation projects}}.

The basic idea is to collect page information from each language wiki, merge them to form a database on en, and then distribute it to each language wiki.


On en wiki(include onwiki non-English languages): {{language info}}
or: {{language info|en=<en page name>}} (mainly for templates/modules, easier to sync for offwiki language wikis)

You can use {{subst:}} to do it easier, e.g.:

{{language info|en={{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}}} (for English pages).

On language wikis (offwiki languages): {{language info|en=<en page name>}} (must and only need to specify en page name (as index key))

That's all.

Database Maintenance

The database for this template is stored in Module:Language_info/data. Maintenance work consists of two steps.

Step 1: Maintain the main database Get codes from Template:Language_info/luadata from all wikis (en and every offwiki language wiki), merge them into Module:Language_info/data.

Step 1: Sync it to offwiki language wikis Sync the content of Module:Language_info/data to every language wiki (zh/fr/de....).