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移动版 移动版

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Displays a standardized version link with icon, shown above. To display multiple versions, use {{versions}}.

Whenever the term "Mobile version" is used in an article, it should be replaced with this template to ensure consistency.


All parameters are optional.

{{ mobile version | <display mode> | short = y | nl = y | t = <custom display text> | glue = <characters between icon and text> | small = y | size = <size in px> | width = <width in px> | height = <height in px> | scale = <scale ratio> }}

First unnamed parameter

Display mode; set it to one of the following values:

  • icon – Display the icon only (see {{icon/mobile}}).
  • text – Display the text only.
  • short – Display the icon and an abbreviated version name.

Display an abbreviation of the version name. Identical to setting the first unnamed parameter to short.


Remove the link from the icon and/or text. They are linked by default.


Customize the displayed text. Overrides |short=y and has no effect when using icon as mode.


Set the characters between the icon and the text. Defaults to  .

small, size, width, height, scale

Customize the icon display, see {{icon/mobile}} for details.


Code Result Note
{{mobile version}} 移动版 移动版
{{mobile version|icon}} 移动版 Identical to {{icon/mobile}}.
{{mobile version|text}} 移动版
{{mobile version|short}} 移动版 移动版
{{mobile version|text|short=y}} 移动版
{{mobile version|t=sometext}} 移动版 sometext Custom display text.
{{mobile version|short=y}} 移动版 移动版 Identical to {{mobile version|short}}
{{mobile version|nl=y}} 移动版 移动版 No link.
{{mobile version|text|nl=y}} 移动版 No link.
{{mobile version|short|nl=y}} 移动版 移动版 No link.
{{mobile version|glue=-}} 移动版-移动版
{{mobile version|scale=2}} 移动版 移动版 See {{icon/mobile}}.
{{mobile version|icon|small=y}} 移动版 See {{icon/mobile}}.