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This template is used to make navigational boxes for navigational templates‎.

It integrates luaCache mechanism for better performance, and i18n mechanism for easy l10n.

See Help:Making a navigational template for more details.

About cache refresh

Sometimes you want to refresh the content cache, for example, you just create a l10n version for a language, so you want to refresh cache to make it display the l10n version instead english fallback version. Take Template:Game mechanics and Rarity/vi for example. Follow steps below:

  1. Visit the nav template itself(not the content subtemplate of that language), in this case, Template:Game mechanics, and purge it.
  2. The cached contents for this nav template will be clear. Now visit target content page, Rarity/vi, and purge it.

Now you should see latest l10n content. Also, use {{Game mechanics|}} on Rarity/vi to bypass mediawiki's template output cache.