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Template for showing prices. Correctly fits inside a sentence or bullet lists.


| platinum coin amount
| gold coin amount
| silver coin amount
| copper coin amount
| link = yes: optional, provides link(s) to the coin page, default is no. It is recommended to use links for the first use of the template in a page, but not afterwards.
| text = yes: optional, name of coin will be displayed instead of icon, default is no.
| small = yes: optional, coin images will be reduced to 11px, default is no. (coins have a default image size ranging from 12px to 16px) 


  • Values of "0", "" or null are not displayed.
  • The values can also be a range.
  • The template is inside a nowrap.
This Gives
{{Value|1}} 1 Platinum Coin.png
{{Value|0|1}} 1 Gold Coin.png
{{Value|0|0|1|}} 1 Silver Coin.png
{{Value|0|0|0|1}} 1 Copper Coin.png
{{Value|1|2|0|4}} 1 Platinum Coin.png 2 Gold Coin.png 4 Copper Coin.png
{{Value|0|1|1|link=yes}} 1 Gold Coin.png 1 Silver Coin.png
{{Value|0|1|1|text=yes}} 1 金 1 银
{{Value|0|1|1|link=yes|text=yes}} 1  1
{{Value|1|2|3|4|small=yes}} 1 Platinum Coin.png 2 Gold Coin.png 3 Silver Coin.png 4 Copper Coin.png

Inside a sentence:

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