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This template creates a link to Wiktionary, but without the need for the displayed text as it automatically fills it in.


{{ wiktionary | <Wiktionary article title> | <display text> | lang = <language version of Wiktionary> }}

First unnamed parameter

Title of the article on Wiktionary.

Second unnamed parameter

By default, the article title will be displayed, but this parameter can be used to override that and provide a custom text.


The language version of Wiktionary, e.g. fr for the French Wiktionary. This defaults to {{lang}}, i.e. the current language, so it should not be necessary in most cases.


Code Result
{{wiktionary|lunatic}} lunatic
{{wiktionary|lunatic|the term on Wiktionary}} the term on Wiktionary
{{wiktionary|lunatic|''lunatic'' in Kurdish|lang=ku}} lunatic in Kurdish

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